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Live your life in alignment.

Name something right now that you think is impossible. 

I’ll tell you that it’s not. How can I say that?

Because I have case after case of clients that have found through life coaching their impossible dream became a reality. 

Get over destructive mindsets.

“I just don’t know why things don’t work out for me.”

"Must be nice…"

"I'm stuck. There's no other option."

"But I don't know how that could actually happen."

"I've just learned to live with it."

Hello, I’m Courtney!

I help powerful people remember how powerful they are.

After struggling through years of my own unfulfilled potential and  career choices, I finally overcame the limitations that had been holding me back. Now, it’s that firsthand experience, coupled with my extensive training, that fuels my certified life coaching. And while I am a life coach in Colorado Springs, CO, I have been blessed to help powerful and passionate people all over the world. Distance is no limitation. Neither are circumstances. So what’s stopping you?

Let’s see how powerful you really are. My greatest joy is seeing you pursue yours.


  • Discover shocking ways you are blocking your own success
  • Live free of what others think of you
  • Get over financial mindsets that keep you small
  • Gain actionable tools to build mental strength
  • Uncover steps to reach goals faster
  • Confidently build the life you dream



When life happens for you and through you instead of to you, you are Living Your Life in Alignment.

I can offer you tools to navigate the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 


From the beginning stages of defining your vision to the full implementation and steps for building it, we have classes available for all levels and all needs.


Find healing and energy through this highly specialized Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner, I work with the energy forces all around us to remove internal blocks, allowing the energy system to return to its natural state of flow.

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Life brings challenges. Daily. And oftentimes perspective is the best thing to help us through them (and maybe a little brutal honesty!). As a life coach, I have been trained to understand and identify motivations, mental blocks, and negative mental scripts that may be keeping your life small. Life coaching provides a listening ear, yes…but much more than that. With life coaching, you’ll gain a keen and honest perspective, soul-revealing questions and actionable tools for building your life on a higher frequency. 

As a life coach in Colorado Springs, I’m privileged to live out my dreams by helping others realize theirs. I work with individuals to help fully quantify their dreams and goals and then peel back the layers of belief that may be keeping them from that success. When you change your mindset, you change your life.


  • The person that has felt stuck in an unfulfilling career but doesn’t know how to change.
  • The CEO or business owner who has tried all the “systems” for employee management or scaling, but can’t seem to break through with success.
  • The individual that feels their life goals are bigger than their ability to get there. 
  • The penny-pincher that can’t ever seem to move negative financial mindsets.
  • The person ready to live life unapologetically in their own skin. 
  • The one that needs a seemingly “impossible” life event to happen, perhaps finding a relationship or a dream home.
  • Anyone ready for a massive life shift and even bigger life surprises.

Whether you’re experiencing discord in your relationship, career, health and wellness, or financial standing, we will work together to identify your desires, what’s holding you back from obtaining them, and then formulate a plan to meet your ultimate objectives.

What are you waiting for?



“I have had the most lovely, satisfying and soul changing experience today. Please…as someone who has trouble letting in support and love…please don’t deprive yourself of the love and growth these interactions will give you…you deserving self. Bless you. Follow that heart longing. This is a safe and good place.”

-Kristi, Social Worker

“It is only week 4 of building my dream and I can not only feel a greater shift on the way, but many shifts have already happened! Not just linear shifts- quantum shifts. I have fully taken on befriending my fear and can feel the energetic shift toward courageous action. Opportunities like becoming a graduate student and researcher, finding and buying a perfect plot of land for my partner and I to build our dream off-the-grid home, forgiving people in my life and in the world and letting go of resentment and a massive explosion of my creativity in art are just  FEW of the amazing shifts I speak of !! I cannot WAIT to continue to transmute old ways and manifest…here I go!” 

-Meral Sarper, SBDC

“I cannot say enough about how much Courtney has changed my life. I had a very successful career working for a major corporation, but come to realize I was not in alignment with my true purpose. Courtney helped guide me to my inner strength to take control of my life and make the necessary changes to live the fulfilling purposeful life I now have.”

Doug Brown, Financial Planner

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Courtney DeMatteo

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Colorado Springs, CO