Crystal Clarity Testimonials


Words cannot really describe my gratitude for all the help and guidance Courtney has provided over the years. What started out with Reiki sessions, turned into full blown life coaching and my life has changed dramatically from when I first started. I’ve grown and become much clearer and confident in the person I’ve always known I was supposed to become, but just didn’t know how to get there. With the help of Courtney’s Life Coaching program, I am that person today. In the three years I’ve worked with Courtney, I’ve slowed down and gained clarity to see my biggest dreams evolve: I attended and graduated from Massage Therapy School, started working part-time in the holistic health world, bought my first home, devoted myself to a daily meditation practice, and share in a beautiful, loving, healthy relationship. I went from just a silly dream to now actually a reality. Courtney asks the tough questions and helps you realize your true potential and when you are playing small. She breaks the steps down and intuitively knows how to connect you to where you need to be. Courtney’s passion for helping others to succeed and live in alignment shines through constantly. She believes in the potential of everyone she works with and often says, “Even if you don’t believe it now, I will hold the space and believe for you, until you can.” Courtney is a wonderful, powerful coach who truly cares and believes in the success of each of her clients.” ​

Meredith Morse

Massage Therapist

“I have had the most lovely, satisfying and soul changing experience today. Please…as someone who has trouble letting in support and love…please don’t deprive yourself of the love and growth these interactions will give you…you deserving self. Bless you. Follow that heart longing. This is a safe and good place.” ​


Life Coaching Client

“I cannot say enough about how much Courtney has changed my life. I had a very successful career working for a major corporation, but come to realize I was not in alignment with my true purpose. Courtney helped guide me to my inner strength to take control of my life and make the necessary changes to live the fulfilling purposeful life I now have.” 

Doug Brown

Financial Planner and Life Coaching Client

“This one session provided more accurate insight than years of therapy!” 


Life Coaching Client

I had never tried a life coach before calling Crystal Clarity, I was skeptical but open-minded. Courtney was wholehearted and warmly accepting of where I was at the start of the coaching process and made every step along the way feel welcome. I not only learned a new approach to current struggles, I took away a new perspective on how to view “obstacles” or “stressors” as more than just an opportunity to grow but a life lesson to strengthen my spirit. Life coaching is not for everyone, but I can strongly say, everyone can learn from Courtney and what she has to offer… therefore, if this world is blessed enough to experience a piece of her in Crystal Clarity, the chance should be taken.”

Kellie Hoad

LCSW, Social Worker

Courtney is the quietest powerhouse you will ever meet! She has a way of guiding you to your true potential, showing you the benefits of going for it, and helps you with the baby steps to take on your way to achieving your true desire. I’ve worked with Courtney for years now, and can tell you that my life is forever changed and uplifted from her caring, smart, and insightful guidance. Then you add her Reiki skills to the mix, and you get a complete package. She is a true healer in every way.”

Brenda Martinez

Soul Realignment & Reiki Practitioner

“It is only week 4 of building my dream and I can not only feel a greater shift on the way, but many shifts have already happened! Not just linear shifts – quantum shifts. I have fully taken on befriending my fear and can feel the energetic shift toward courageous action. Opportunities like becoming a graduate student and researcher, finding and buying a perfect plot of land for my partner and I to build our dream off-the-grid home, forgiving people in my life and in the world and letting go of resentment and a massive explosion of my creativity in art are just a FEW of the amazing shifts I speak of!! I cannot WAIT to continue to transmute old ways and manifest…here I go!”  

Meral Sarper

DreamBuilder Student

Make your ‘epic’ your every day



Courtney DeMatteo

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Colorado Springs, CO