What is Life Alignment Coaching?

Dare to Dream Bigger! Dare to Want More!

  • Have you settled for a mediocre life because it’s what you’ve been told you’re allowed to have?
  • Have you put a cap on what you could achieve because of fear, money, social expectations, or past/current circumstances?

Let me show you that the cap can come off, the ceiling can be shattered, and your dream life can be achieved!

When life works in your favor, you’re happy even during the hard times, and you have no problem being yourself under any circumstance; you are living your Life in Alignment. If this isn’t the case for you right now, then I’m your coach! I can offer you tools to navigate the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We will dig into the depths of healing, forgiveness, communication, and following your intuition, all with the intention of creating a better life for you, right here and right now. Whether you’re experiencing discord in your relationships, career, health and wellness, or financial well-being, we will work together to identify your desires, what’s holding you back from obtaining them, and then formulate a plan to create your Dream Life.


Expand Your Awareness! Accelerate Your Results!

Create a Life You Love Living!

Navigate your way into a life you love living with the DreamBuilder Program . Through a specially deigned 12-week program, you will explore the possibilities of your dream life and learn how to achieve it. This is a true soul searching, spiritual awakening program that will open you up to a whole new world of thought. If you have found yourself saying, “that’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I need real change!” then this is the package for you!  This program consists of 16 audio CDs, a workbook, and weekly discussions to unlock the answers and find the best version of yourself. Call me for a free consultation to determine if you’re ready to remove the blocks in your life and really live the life you were meant to live.

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  • Where You Are Right Now: Anger, Sadness, Confusion, Depression 18% 18%
  • Where You Could Be: Happy, Joy, Hope, Love 100% 100%
“It is only week 4 of building my dream and I can not only feel a greater shift on the way, but many shifts have already happened! Not just linear shifts- quantum shifts. I have fully taken on befriending my fear and can feel the energetic shift toward courageous action. Opportunities like becoming a graduate student and researcher, finding and buying a perfect plot of land for my partner and I to build our dream off-the-grid home, forgiving people in my life and in the world and letting go of resentment and a massive explosion of my creativity in art are just FEW of the amazing shifts I speak of !! I cannot WAIT to continue to transmute old ways and manifest…here I go!” ​ Meral Sarper

Life Coaching Client

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Living Life in Alignment Today!