Heal from the trauma and forgive the experiences that have created toxic soil in your physical and emotional body. Learn affirmations that will empower to move from hurt to healing


Understanding your vibrational body and tap into the frequency to becoming your best self and creating your dream life.


Advance into higher consciousness and explore what it means to live as a universalist.


E3 – Empower*Enlighten*Evolve began as an in-person conference many years ago. Connecting healers with people seeking healing.

The E3 platform is a heart-centered concept that transcended the conferences. I believed it would turn into something powerful. I’m happy to see that it went beyond my expectations!

After many years of research, life experience, and processing, I am proud to open this course for you, the one seeking to heal and find your best self.

The E3 Method takes all of the teachings I have learned through the years! Now it’s all wrapped up into one place, process, and method for up-leveling your life in the most powerful way!

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Over the 16 weeks, there are three phases of the E3-Empower*Enlighten*Evolve. We will spend time unveiling your paradigms and replace them with new beliefs.

You will travel through time to each memory you want to explore. The goal is to Identify limiting beliefs to replace them with new systems of belief and new levels of conscious awareness designed to raise your creative vibration.

You will learn to align with your true self, the ONE you are to become.


Hi, I’m Courtney.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”
– John Lennon

My mission in life is to bring awareness to the frequency of love for every person I cross paths with.

As a life coach, I have been trained to understand and identify motivations, mental blocks, and negative mental scripts that may be keeping your life stuck on a lower frequency. Then guide you through a process to rewrite those scripts and see through new lenses, uncovering the innate power you have to create the life you want to live.

Life coaching provides a listening ear, yes…but much more than that. With life coaching, you’ll gain a keen and honest perspective, soul-revealing questions and actionable tools for building your life on a higher frequency.

I am privileged to live out my dreams by helping others realize theirs. I work with individuals to help fully quantify their dreams and goals and then peel back the layers of belief that may be keeping them from success. Change your mindset, change your life!

~Courtney DeMatteo

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E3: Empower * Enlighten * Evolve


"I have had the most lovely, satisfying and soul changing experience today. Please...as someone who has trouble letting in support and love...please don't deprive yourself of the love and growth these interactions will give you...you deserving self. Bless you. Follow that heart longing. This is a safe and good place."

-Kristi, Social Worker

“It is only week 4 of building my dream and I can not only feel a greater shift on the way, but many shifts have already happened! Not just linear shifts- quantum shifts. I have fully taken on befriending my fear and can feel the energetic shift toward courageous action. Opportunities like becoming a graduate student and researcher, finding and buying a perfect plot of land for my partner and I to build our dream off-the-grid home, forgiving people in my life and in the world and letting go of resentment and a massive explosion of my creativity in art are just  FEW of the amazing shifts I speak of !! I cannot WAIT to continue to transmute old ways and manifest…here I go!” 

-Meral Sarper, SBDC

"I cannot say enough about how much Courtney has changed my life. I had a very successful career working for a major corporation, but come to realize I was not in alignment with my true purpose. Courtney helped guide me to my inner strength to take control of my life and make the necessary changes to live the fulfilling purposeful life I now have."

Doug Brown, Financial Planner

Make your ‘epic’ your every day



Courtney DeMatteo

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Colorado Springs, CO