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Learning From A Toddler

Live like a 2 year old…   Most of you know I spend my days with two-year-olds. They are now my point of reference for everything. Thinking about today’s article, I was observing my toddler companions and wondered what it was they knew that I didn’t. We’ve been...

Turn Your Negative Into Positive Action

A Different Approach Brings Clarity I was just reminded about clarity. It’s easy to know what we don’t want. Discontent and longings bring those to our minds constantly. When we are in “a mood” it’s safe to say there is something going on that we don’t want. We sit,...

Surrendering Our Day

Do You Meditate or Do You Pray? I was visiting my chiropractor the other day, and to be honest, he’s more of a wizard dressed as a chiropractor. We were talking about meditation and I was going on and on about how much I love it and how important it is to my sanity...

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