A Different Approach Brings Clarity

Clarity, It’s easy to know what we don’t want. Discontentment and longing brings it to mind constantly. When we are in “a mood” it’s safe to say that something isn’t right. We sit, we stew, and try to figure out what “this” is. When someone asks, “What’s going on?” The famous answer is, “Nothing,” or, if you’re more aware, you may answer with, “I don’t know.” Helpful, am I right?!

But we forget to ask the question, “What do I not want?” This simple question can lead us to great clarity and even greater growth. Decide what you don’t want so you can then decide what you do want. Put meditative time into this. Stewing is as unproductive as trying to milk a bull. Set an intention to gain clarity, then ask your questions out loud one at a time. You’ll be amazed at the answers that will “pop” into your mind. Sift, sort, and process through these answers to then determine what needs to happen next.

Turn your “don’t wants” into “do wants.” “I don’t want my dog to jump up on people” is changed to, “I want my dog to sit and stay when approached by people.” Notice how the second statement has a clear plan of action? “I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore,” changes to “I want more money than I can spend.” Now you have a place to start from.

I have attached a worksheet that can help you find clarity by writing down what you do want in each of the four domains of your life. Try this out. You decide when you want to accomplish this. You may even decide to fill one out for the next month, quarter, and year. Use it however you are called to, but definitely try it out. You may surprise yourself with what comes out for you!

I have attached a second version with my most recent desires so you can see an example of how this can be filled out. You’ll notice I am very specific in describing my desires. This is on purpose. Using words like successful, enough, and a lot are all very subjective and relative. You’ll want to select your words carefully to attract what you truly desire.

Happy manifesting!