Do You Meditate or Do You Pray?

I was visiting my chiropractor the other day, and to be honest, he’s more of a wizard dressed as a chiropractor. We were talking about meditation and I was going on and on about how much I love it and how important it is to my sanity and my growth. I was less than impressed when he said, “That’s great, but do you pray?” I was a little taken aback and answered, “Meditation is my prayer.” I was about to be enlightened 😊

When you meditate the idea is to go inward, become silent, still, present. Focus on your breath, follow a guide, stare at a flame, reflect on you. You can visualize, call on angels, clear your chakras, but there is one thing missing. That one thing is what prayer is for. Surrender. Call on your higher power. Turn it over to someone with more power, knowledge, and know-how than you. Did you know that when you pray, your brain chemistry is different from when you meditate?

This got me thinking. Do I need to add another daily task? As a very busy mom and business owner, I’m already stretched thin, already very particular about how I spend the little time I get to myself in a day. Then I realized, I can pray all day long. Meditation requires a dedicated moment of time to be still, but prayer, surrender, is an action. When I have two babies crying over very different things and they both need my attention, it’s time to pray. When I’m driving and need to be somewhere sooner than my GPS says I’ll be there, it’s time to pray. When I’m faced with a difficult decision or person or situation, it’s time to pray.

I have always known I’m not alone. I know I have the strength and guidance of my higher power within me, but I just realized it’s been a while since I called on this power, since I turned over my control and my beliefs of how a situation should go to the power that has way more knowledge, experience and know-how than I will ever have. It’s time I surrender. It’s time to pray.

Peace to you all in this season of comfort and recuperation!

Love and blessings,