One Change You Can Make

Lao Tzu Quotes. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


Here’s the thing, we take steps every day. We move forward, backward, sideways, sometimes we spin in circles. But are these conscious steps? Are you being deliberate in where you put your feet, or more to the point, where you put your attention? You say you want change, you want your circumstances to be different? But what have you done to create that change?


Look down at your feet. Where are they right now? Where have they been today? Did they walk the same space they’ve been walking for the past weeks, months, or years? If you want things to change it’s time you understand that you can change them. You can change your circumstances just by changing where you put your feet, literally and figuratively. 


First let’s look at the literal. You don’t like the way someone is behaving around you? Move to a different seat, take a different path, occupy your time with different people. People grow accustomed to their habits and find comfort in the familiar. We find comfort in knowing what to expect. BUT comfort will not bring about change. It may be uncomfortable finding a new seat or walking in a different direction, but this is what needs to happen to bring about the change. Get uncomfortable! What if it ends up being the best decision you made today, this week, or this year?


Figuratively, where we put our feet is where we put our attention. If you are out of alignment with your true self, then it’s time to look at the thoughts you’ve been thinking. Are you putting attention on what you don’t want? Look out ahead of you right now, pick an object to focus on. Really study that object and get to know everything about it. Now tell me all about what was out in the furthest corner of you left eye. You can’t, can you? Because your attention went to what you focused on, you weren’t giving any energy to anything else in your field of view. You choose what you stare at, so pick something you want rather than something you don’t want.


Simply changing where you put your feet and where you put your attention can bring about the change you’ve been desiring all along. This doesn’t happen through thoughts alone, be willing to take the action that your thoughts suggest. You don’t like your current circumstances, situations, environment, circle of influence? Take it one step at a time and change where you put your feet, consciously and deliberately.


Here’s to taking happy steps tomorrow!



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