From Fear to Faith

There are countless numbers of voices speaking up right now about our government. A Trump presidency has caused fear and crisis in so many. On a personal level, I have read many Facebook posts from friends and family truly afraid for their future. My GLBT family and friends wondering everything from if their marriages will no longer be recognized to being horribly scared that they would be physically harmed because of the hate that has quelled from a population of Americans who have been pushed underground for some time now. Friends of different races, faiths and ethnicities wondering if they will lose the civil rights ground they have gained, if they will even feel safe living in this country because of their skin color, name, creed, or other factor that makes them stand out from the Joe Smith America.

I want so badly to reach out individually to each and every person feeling this fear and uncertainty for the days ahead. I want to hug them, reassure them, and tell them it will be ok. I want to share my faith with them, the faith that many of them taught me to have.

I am not of any particular minority, I have not had to fight hard to live a life of my choosing. To look at me, you may even think I am part of that Joe Smith America; fair skinned, light brown hair, and blue eyes. Married to a hard-working, middle class American Man.  I am the picture of ordinary… except that I am extraordinary. I am a light worker on a mission to help heal our world. I may not have walked in the civil rights marches or felt the burden of living a lie to survive, but I do stand strong for those that have and I believe that EVERYONE has the right to be treated fairly, justly and with kindness.

I believe in vibration. I believe we create our lives. We may not get to choose our circumstances, but we have a lot more power over the results than many people have been taught. I want to remind my fellow light workers and energy healers that nothing has changed that we can’t work with. We have a job to do and we must stay steadfast in our mission. That job is to love. We must keep our vibrations as high as possible and, now more than ever, teach others how to do the same.

In my line of work the question of “How did we get here?” comes up often. So I have to sit back and ask, “How did we get here?” for the whole nation. We are a country of differences; we may not have been built that way, but we have certainly morphed into that. There is apparently a larger population of people than we realized who are afraid of those differences. They found a voice in Mr. Trump. They found that they could come out of hiding, speak up and feel free to make their position heard. Now that they have spoken, the light worker in me must not be afraid to listen. For only in listening will I learn the key to guiding them into a place of love instead of fear.

When I work with a client who has lived in fear, who has made poor decisions or has been paralyzed by fear of what they don’t know or don’t understand, it is my job, and my privilege to introduce the light. The process can be quick or slow depending on the level of fear, but it takes time none the less. If I choose however to become angry with them, to disparage them, to ostracize them for their choices and behaviors, not only will I lose a client, but more importantly I will push them farther into their place of fear.

So I ask of you now, if you are an enlightened human being with an understanding of vibration, please remember that faith is not only important when things are going right, but it’s even more important when things seem bleak. It is faith, not fear, which can impact our circumstances for the better. It is love, not anger, which will shed light on a darkened situation. When you feel the need to be confrontational as a preemptive strike, consider allowing your infinite intelligence to speak through you rather than giving your ego reigns to drive. Remember that we are teachers through our words and actions, and that we have more power than others know.

According to the book, A Course in Miracles, “A miracle is a shift from fear to love.” Don’t we need a miracle now more than ever? Join me in shifting your lower vibration of fear to a higher vibration of love so we may create this miracle together.

In love and light,


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