You used to see no limit to your power within your business. But something changed.

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of weak attempts and confusing solutions? Do you sense there is a ceiling of limitation holding you back?

It’s time to scale your business to the next level.

But what’s holding you back has nothing to do with your processes, people, or product.

It’s your mindset.

Which is why you need intuitive assessment, challenging perspectives, and laser focused guidance.

You can burst through that ceiling and blow away your past successes. After working with me as a business life coach, clients have tripled their income in one year, expanded their locations and workforce, and were able to make powerful decisions faster than ever before.

If growth is what you seek, coaching with an expert in the field of mindset expansion is what you need. You need my Business Accelerator Program!

What is included in the Business Accelerator Program?

6 Months of Coaching – 24 (60 min) one on one sessions

4 (60 min) in person or zoom meetings with your staff

Email and Text Support


Career Change and Explosive Growth

Mike was working a typical corporate job, high up in the chain, and well compensated. But Mike was feeling unfulfilled. He didn’t like the demanding schedule or working on someone else’s terms. Mike wanted the freedom to take vacations when he wanted to, spend more time with his family, and create his own schedule. Mike had been working part time on his own MLM business and knew he wanted to turn this into the income earning business he knew it could be

At the end of 12 weeks of coaching, Mike had quit his corporate job, replaced his income with the MLM, almost replaced his wife’s income (she was able to quit her job 12 weeks after we finished working together), opened two brick and mortar locations for his MLM to run and had a full staff at each location.

Staffing Issues

Dr. Dave owned his own family medical practice. He was having terrible staffing issues. His staff didn’t respect him, they took advantage of every kindness, they didn’t complete their daily tasks, leaving much of the work for Dr. Dave to complete after his full day of treating patients. They were also rude to patients and incompetent at the jobs they were supposed to be completing.

After 1 year of monthly to bi-monthly coaching, Dr. Dave has a practice he loves owning. He has an almost completely new staff that feels like a cohesive team. They are dedicated to doing good work and treating the patients well. Dr. Dave runs staff trainings and feels like he finally has a well-oiled machine.

Bouncing Back from Trauma

Kerry was in sales. She loved what she did and was moderately successful, but then experienced a traumatic event that shook her confidence. She went from being a top salesperson to losing her job all together. She couldn’t afford her mortgage and her house went into foreclosure.

After 6 months of coaching, Kerry had a new sales job, was top seller in her company, and had doubled her old income. She was able to negotiate with the bank to keep her house and make back payments so she could catch up. Her confidence was back and better than ever!

There is so much to say about all the attributes Courtney brings to the table. As a life/business coach she has perfected her craft in every possible way. She is an attentive listener and always seems to pick out what’s going on with you and provide feedback in a way that you can accept and begin to take action on. She continues to improve upon her craft by attending workshops and licensing programs and products that are absolutely life changing. Personally she is just a kind soul that anyone would feel comfortable sharing anything with her. After the initial session, I knew that she would be the only person I would like to begin this journey of coaching with. Thank you for being you, Courtney! Sky is the limit for what we will accomplish together.” ​

Bobby Jones

Life/Business Coach Client

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Courtney DeMatteo

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner

Colorado Springs, CO